There are numerous hotels in kota city but no one can assure you to provide 100% satisfactory customized services at an affordable cost. We, at Surya Group of hotels in kota facilitate our clients with our prompt, flexible arrangements.

We are a group of three fabulous hotels which are following :-

Surya Royal -

It is located in the central area of the city. All the essential areas such as market, Railway station, Bus stop, medical and industrial areas are near by this accommodation. Here, we proffer marvelous services & additionally provide banquet & conference hall services in Kota. For more details, ...

Surya Plaza -

Plaza is a luxury hotel in Kota with eye-popping infrastructure.We also offer lounge & board room services as well. It is built to fulfill the needs of both good and average budget travelers. For further information, ...

Surya Prime -

Here, we provide comfortable rooms as well as a banquet hall. Our banquet hall can accommodate 15-20 people.So, it is the foremost place for family get- together, birthday party etc. For more details, ...

We believe in offering you a hassle free experience. Therefore our common reservation number is the simplest way to book your stay. So, reserve your stay in Kota and make your trip more enjoyable.

Phone No. :-     + 91 - 9610 - 555 - 000

Email ;-     [email protected]

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