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About Kota

Kota, formerly known as Kotah, is an amazing blend of antiquity and the contemporary. Located in the southern part of Rajasthan and situated along the banks of mighty Chambal River, the largest river in Rajasthan, Kota stands out amidst the land of cultural kaleidoscope, with an area of 193.58 km2 it offers several sites to visit.

Kota has its unique and colorful history which can be relived in its opulent places, forts and temples. It is also one of those place that offer a fertile landscape to the people of Rajasthan. It was not before year 1624 that Kota was treated as a separate district. Initially, the history of Bundi is associated with it as it was a part of the Kingdom of Bundi. However, Kota primarily come into existence when it was established as a separate Kongdom for Rao Madho Singh. The history of Kota is dotted with several tales of bravery and wisdom. It is one of those Rajasthani states that went through tough times but still came out unbeaten. It was under the administration of outstanding ruler"Zalim Singh" that the Kingdom of Kota thrived and prospered.

While on one hand there are Hydro Electric and Nuclear Power Plants, on the other hand it has evolved as a premire tourist destination in India. Kota is one of major industiral hub in North India with many prominent chemical industries.

Nowadays, Kota is often referred as the "Knowledge City" i.e. the home of study, as it is widly regarded in whole of country as the best place for coaching for various competitive exams.

Kota is well known for its distinctive style of painting. It is the main hub for retail of world famous "Kota Doria" dress material which is exported to all corners of the world. Kota is also famous for its traditional Indian Jewelary.

Hospitality of Kota awaits you.